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What's "New" at Rowe Machinery and Manufacturing.

Servo Press Feed Coil Line

      Rowe Machinery recently teamed up with B&K® Levelers and AIDA press to supply Laser Technologies a Press Feed Coil Line to blank precision Laminations.

     Rowe Machinery supplied the 30,000LB Coil Loading Car, Uncoiler and the High Speed Servo Roll Feeder. Primary in the decision to utilize the Rowe Press Feed Equipment was the part accuracy guaranteed by the Servofeed's AC Servo Feed Positioning Drive and the Zero Backlash Precision Oil Bath Gearbox. A B&K® Precision Corrective Leveler was installed in the new Press Feed Line to precisely control flatness of the finished parts.

     Precision Levelers are much better at removing coil set and crossbow than coil straighteners or coil flatteners. Precision Corrective Levelers can also eliminate shape defects such as center buckle and edge wave in coil strip by selectively bending the work rolls. B&K® Corrective Levelers utilize a series of relatively small closely spaced leveler rolls that incorporate roller back-ups to prevent deflection. This arrangement allows the material to be worked beyond the yield point to remove trapped material stresses. The result is material that is more stable so that part quality is consistent.

     Over the last few decades, Laser Technologies has grown in expertise, Lamination Stamping, equipment and capacity to deliver fully integrated turnkey manufacturing services to customers in a wide range of industries. By having the full spectrum of manufacturing capabilities in-house, Laser Technologies is able to provide customers with the services they need from prototyping to production as well as warehousing and distribution.

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SpaceManager series of Compact Coil lines manufactured by Rowe Machinery and Manufacturing.

      Rowe introduced the SpaceManager series of compact Coil Feed Systems designed specifically to handle coil stock in a space-saving footprint at the Metalform show in Chicago. The compact coil line at the show was a series 10 incorporating a motorized uncoiler, servo controlled straightener/feeder and an optional coil-loading car all mounted on a common base. This compact coil line provides coil material loading, uncoiling, straightening and feeding while only requiring 14' of floor space. Because the material is straightened at the entrance to the press, no looping pit is required.

     The SpaceManager series 10 compact coil line comes in two model sizes to process material widths of 18" and 24". Standard units can process materials with a thickness of up to 10 gauge (.140"), coil O.D.s to 60" with a coil weight of 8000 LBS. A unique feature of the SpaceManager series of compact coil lines is the ability to process materials with either top or bottom payoff from the uncoiler for maximum versatility. The Compact Coil SpaceSaver Line is equipped with Entrance and Exit Feed Rolls with a precision straightener mounted between them, which makes it ideal for the tough jobs that require a higher degree of straightening.The Entrance Feed Rolls can be used to thread the material in the machine. After thread up, they assist the Exit Feed Rolls in accurately positioning the material. With two sets of Feed Rolls, the Compact SpaceSaver Coil Line provides twice as much "Grip Force" as units equipped with a single set of feed rolls. In some tough applications, all the straightening rolls may be powered, reducing material slippage and ensuring an accurate part length.

     A touchscreen control with machine help screens and fault diagnostics is standard. The latest technology in electronics, microprocessors and software has been incorporated in the Rowe SpaceManager control providing unsurpassed automation at affordable prices. Standard touchscreen control package includes 500-job memory, feed length control, feed speed control and digital roll position readouts. Jobs can be selected locally at the SpaceManager touchscreen control or via a communications port.

Rowe Machinery products are proudly made in the USA. 1-800-247-2645

The SpaceManager series of Compact Space-Saving Coil Systems is offered in 2 additional series of machines:

The series 7 compact coil line with coil widths from 18" to 60", a thickness range of up to 7 gauge (.187"), coil O.D.s to 72" and a coil weight up to 20,000 LBS.

The series 4 compact coil line with coil widths from 24" to 72", a thickness range of up to 4 gauge (.2500"), coil O.D.s to 72" and a coil weight up to 50,000 LBS.

Different model and size configurations are available and can be customized to meet any application.

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